Saturday, August 30, 2014

In-flight and upside down serving

Yellow-vented Bulbul  - in-flight serving

 The Ong Lumok tree and the Heliconia Sexy Pink  have specific appeal to the birds.  The Ong Lumok ( Artocarpus odoratissimus) has soft, sweet and pulpy flesh.  Today a Yellow-vented Bulbul visited the over-ripe fruit.  It hoovered close to the fruit and then settled down for breakfast.  At the Heliconia Valley I chanced upon a Little Spiderhunter  that busies itself on getting a sip at the nectar.  It used a shortcut.  With its long curved beak it pierced the flower base to reach directly at the nectar.  Well, birds do work smart!

Ong Lumok tree bearing ripe and over-ripe fruits.  Over ripe ones turn brownish.
Zone C, Kambatik Park, Bintulu.

Little Spiderhunter at the Heliconia Sexy Pink

Upside down serving..

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