Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Birding around the Poui tree

Kambatik garden looking good with flowering Poui tree at side garden.

Long-tailed Shrike
 Since the Poui tree (Tabebuia rosea) was flowering into its second day, I thought why not make the morning good by observing birds that might visit the tree?  The sunbirds seemed to be particularly attracted to the trumpet-shaped pink flowers.  I saw many were there for the insects and the nectar.  In many instances I noticed the sunbirds piercing the base of the flowers to reach at the nectar.  The list of sunbirds that visited the Poui tree are documented in pictures below.  The biggest surprise of the morning was the sighting of a Long-tailed Shrike that perched by the electrical line nearby the garden.  This shrike was my first lifer.  I am indeed elated by just two hours of birding around the garden this morning (8.30 am - 10.30 am) . It made my day with renewed feelings of hope and prospect of what a Kambatik garden can attract. Come what come may, the Kambatik garden is here to stay!
Tirjup Ekor Panjang (Malay)
Lanius schach bentet
Kelicap Mayang Kelap (Malay) - Brown-throated Sunbird
Anthreptes malacensis
Kelicap Bukit (Malay) - Olive -backed Sunbird (Female)
Cinnyris jugularis

Kelicap Bukit (Malay) - Olive -backed Sunbird (Male)
Cinnyris jugularis

Kelicap Sepah Raja (Malay) - Eastern Crimson Sunbird
Aethopyga siparaja

Tirjup Ekor Panjang (Malay) -  Long-tailed Shrike
Lanius schach bentet

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