Sunday, August 17, 2014

Fiery Minivet and Long-tailed Parakeet at Sematan

Coastal greenery at Sematan
 Sematan is about one and a half hours journey by car from Kuching.  It is a popular picnic spot area for people in Kuching.  On 19th August'13 I had a family holiday there and stayed at one of the resorts.  The beaches are one of the best in Sarawak and the coastal scenery magnificient.  On that visit I managed to watch the Long-tailed Parakeet and the Fiery Minivet.  I was extremely happy to have seen them there because it was my first time encounter with a parakeet or a  minivet.  Here's more pictures of the birds taken at a distance.... For more stories about my visit to Sematan beach, please check them out in my other blog here...>>>
Fiery Minivet - female
Pericroctus igneus

Long-tailed Parakeet - Bayan Nuri (Malay)
Psittacula longicauda

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