Monday, August 25, 2014

After the bees

Perling Mata Merah - Philippines Glossy Starling
Aplonis panayensis

Blue-throated Bee-eater
Merops viridis
 It was a fine windy morning.  I could hear clearly the calls of the bee-eaters.  Checking on the Cempedak hill at Zone G, I saw from a distance a bee-eater resting on the branch of a dead tree.  When climbing the hill I saw another bird was busy smashing the bees on to another living  cempedak tree branch nearby.   It was the Philippines or Asian Glossy Starling.  The juvenile of the species was learning to batter the bees against the branch. The drama was for only about 30 minutes and by 7.30 am sooner than later they flew away giving me new additional information.  For this is the first time I managed to get a picture of the Perling devouring  bees and battering them on branches of trees.  Unlike many previous occasions  they were mainly seen eating the Eugenia oleina berries and other berries of jungle trees at the Botanic islands here.
As usual the bee-eaters batter the bees on to the branch

A juvenile starling knocking unconscious and immobilizing the bees.

A mature or adult Asian/Philippines Glossy Starling

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