Sunday, July 17, 2016

The Tiongs are welcomed here

Hiil Myna bird or 'Tiong' (Malay) perching on their favourite nesting tree
Location : Licuala Hill

 It has been a while that the Tiong birds have not checked in at their favourite nesting tree.  Today, however, I found them back at the tree and checking out their home which is a hole in the tall dead tree at Licuala Hill.  Over many years now this tree has become the favourite spot for nesting by the Hill Myna birds at the park.   At late afternoon, I saw the pair of Tiongs perching and at the same time grooming each other.  They were not alerted to my presence because I was staying put in my hideout earlier than their arrival at the tree.  This gave me lots of opportunity to study their behaviour and took lots of pictures for record purposes. 
Long shot view of the Tiongs from my hideout
Location : Licuala Hill, Zone I

Checking out their nest which is a hoe in the tall dead tree

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