Sunday, July 3, 2016

A Many-Coloured Barbet

Red- crowned Barbet or Many-coloured Barbet ( Megalaima rafflesii rafflesii)
Location : Zone C
I felt very fortunate today for having met one of the most colourful birds that visit this park.  This is my first encounter with the Red-crowned Barbet.  The colours around its face resembles an artist palette.  Striking red crown, blue throat, brilliant yellow at the cheek and a soft pastel green for its underparts and jungle green for its upper parts.  It is a darling when I first saw it, a quiet bird that can remain still for a considerable length of time and did not produce any call.  It is a medium-sized bird and came singly.    Just the other day, it was the duller Brown Barbet that came by and got  me overly excited. Both birds seemed to have a liking of the ripe black berries of the Eugenia oleina. Today's sighting caused me overwhelmed with joy, happiness and amazement at nature's beauty.  Truly the park has attracted many unique Borneo birds which previously I could only see in books.  Today's sighting I hope is a prelude to more surprises and amazement in this humble wildlife sanctuary.

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