Sunday, July 10, 2016

An uindentified leafbird?

 Last June when the Eugenia oleina trees were fruiting, many birds that were never seen before at the park appeared for the first time.  The three lifers were the Red-crowned Barbet, Blue-eared Barbet and the Brown Barbet.  There was however another bird that remain unidentified and today I have  time to re-look at the pictures I took on the 22nd of June.  My best guess at the moment is that the bird is a leaf bird. But on this third largest island of the world i.e. Borneo, there are many species of leaf birds and upon checking the internet sources for images close to the ones I took, there seem to be none that is the same.  So for record purposes, I'll leave it to time to tell and probably some readers or birders can suggest a name that is true to the pictures. Or could it be that I have found a lost species? (LOL)
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