Friday, July 29, 2016

Shooting the Tiong before sunset

A 'Tiong ' bird resting on a nearby perch before settling for the night at their nesting home some 50 meters away
Location : Licuala Hill, the Kambatik Park, Bintulu.

Hill Myna or 'Tiong' (Malay)
 The 'Tiong' birds or Hill Myna have been seen coming back again to their favourite nesting home at Licuala Hill since about a week ago. Habitually, once they start making nest at the old dead tree they will be seen regularly from now onwards especially towards the end of each day to return to their nest after a long day's outing over the land looking for food.  Their daily return before sunset afford me opportunities to study their behaviour.  Adjacent to their nest is another tall tree that they used as a convenient perch to rest temporarily before settling for the night at their nest.  They will normally call it a day past sunset time.
The Tiongs hanging out at one of the tallest tree in the park which has a hole they call home.
Location : Licuala Hill

Two Tiongs have a rest before settling in their nest which is a hole inside this tall dead tree.
Enjoying today's sunset

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