Wednesday, October 8, 2014

After the bees and nectar

Blue-throated Bee-eater (

 I started early this morning to do a little bit of birding at the park, between 8.00 - 9.00 am.  I went to three birding look-out points.  At the Cempedak point (Zone G) I encountered two Blue-throated Bee-eaters.  They were having a field day chasing and catching bees.  From the perches they organised many sorties and after catching them in mid-air rushed to the branches to batter their prey.  The bee-eaters are a regular visitor to the park.  Everyday they would pass the place to go southerly towards Tatau and in the evening would return using the same route.  At Heliconia point (Zone C) I was rewarded with a sporting Little Spiderhunter.  She gave me the opportunity for a photoshoot session.  Hiding behind the Sawit or oil palm  tree I was able to take images at close range using my Nikon D5100.  The Little Spiderhunter was at the Heliconia 'Sexy Pink'  to have a go at the nectar.  Obviously she succeeded well in her job.  Finally I walked up to one of the hilly areas at the park i.e. Zone I where two Hill Mynas were happily getting ready to go out for a shopping spree in the close neighbourhood and far beyond.  I know they would only return by evening time to their 'temporary hole' called home at their favourite dead but standing tall tree.

Little Spiderhunter at Heliconia 'Sexy Pink'

Hill Myna

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