Monday, September 29, 2014

Watching the whistling Hill Myna

View of the Hill Myna birds from Sunset point, Kambatik Park.
Date taken : 29 September, 2014.

 The Hill Myna or 'Tiong' in Malay is one of the loudest birds at the park.  Their calls and whistling sounds can be heard for kilometers away.  The Tiongs are common pet birds in Sarawak because they can imitate human syllables or language and as such are referred to as talking birds.  Today I saw two Tiongs at their regular perching place, which is a tall dead tree near the Provinsi Licuala and close to a birding point I call 'Sunset point'.  At this point which is at the top of the hill I often  watch the Bintulu sunset.  The best time to watch the Tiongs is between 5- 6.30 pm when they would return to their hole in the tree, called temporary home. This afternoon they were seen moving about places.  They used three perches exchangeably when I was there trying to photoshoot them.  Here are the pictures....

Just before sunset....

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