Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A fruitful birding at Likau beach

White-breasted Woodswallows on branches of the Ru tree

 Took the afternoon off to do birding at Likau beach area which is reachable by a 40 minutes drive from the center of Bintulu town.  At Likau (which is the entrance to the Similajau National Park) there is the Likau River which can be crossed  by a suspension bridge.  The Likau area  is also the site of the National Park living accomodation for tourists or visitors and their administration and maintenance staff as well.  The Semi-D chalets and hostels seemed new.  The place was generally well-kept.  There are tall Nibong trees around the park's buildings.  Tall Ru trees are typical of the place and more are seen growing gradually into the sandy beach.  The photos below are the result of a brief 2 hours birding around the Likau beach, between 1600 - 1800 hrs.  What's interesting was watching the Eurasian Tree Sparrow in the act of catching and eating the green caterpillar snatched from the needle-like leaves of the Ru tree. As an interesting sideshow a group of monkeys with their young were seen playing near the beach across the Likau river.  Overall, it was a worthwhile birding trip.
White-breasted woodswallow

Living accomodation for visitors and tourists

Living accomodation for visitors and tourists

Tall Nibong palms around the accomodation area

Ru or Casuarina trees colonizing the sandy beach

Eurasian Tree Sparrow caught a  green caterpillar

Spotted-necked Dove

Common Sandpiper on suspension bridge

Oriental Magpie-robin

A solitary Dollarbird

Barn swallow on suspension bridge

Suspension bridge across the Likau river

A small group of monkeys at the beach across the Likau river

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