Sunday, August 7, 2016

Striking early in morning light

Long-tailed Shrike with an earthworm as its early morning catch

Kambatik Garden, Kuching
 It was still early in the morning with the sun shining its soft light on the garden floor.  The shadows are soft and and the air somewhat still.  Nothing seemed to be amiss except for a peculiar shrieking call and a little movement at the garden perimeter fence.  The Long-tailed Shrike has landed with its prey intact between its strong beak.  Upon close-up I was extremely amazed to see an earthworm was its morning target prey.  The Long-tailed Shrike and the Pied Triller has been my favourite birds that I would normally look out first whenever I am at our home garden in Kuching.  Surely today the shrike did not disappoint me at all.  Today's picture was exceptional in that I was able to capture it in the early morning light with its prey, an interesting observation for the record.

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