Friday, November 18, 2016

Lovely pigeons anyone?

Enjoying the seeds in the early morning air.

 The Pink-Necked Pigeon is an extremely attractive bird mainly for its colours, its stout body and strong wings.  It seems that every where I go they accompany me. Whether it is in the wildlife sanctuary that I have built in Bintulu, or the Kambatik Garden in Kuching these birds seem to accustom themselves building nests and breeding close to where I stay and live.  For this I am greatly honoured and indeed blessed by their presence.  They are a direct link to feeling the greatness of living nature and  an eco-friendly environment.  Today the pigeons  gave me a another rare opportunity to come close to them for a good morning photoshoot session in the garden.  The Shrubby Dillenia became their focus.  A small flock of them (about seven in numbers) were busy in the early morning air eating the numerous  juicy red seeds of the Shrubby Dillenia plant.  Back in the 80's these birds were commonly sold in town for their meat, but very seldom today due to stringent laws that protect these birds in Sarawak.

Pink-necked Pigeon - female of the species

The male Pink-necked Pigeon

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