Monday, October 31, 2016

Ripe fruits for morning breakfast at Limbang

Philippines Glossy Starling

Weeping Fig ( Ficus benjamina)
 On a recent trip to Limbang (26 Oct'16)  I was attracted to a huge Weeping Fig tree or Waringin (Malay) that was heavily fruiting.  It was early in the morning when a small group of us were having breakfast at a coffee shop close by the river. The tree was located about five meters from the corner shop.  It was a fine morning and flocks of the Philippines Glossy Starling came to enjoy the ripe fruits oblivious of the people around.  I took the opportunity to gather some close-up shots of the birds consuming the juicy fruits for their morning breakfast.    
Enjoying the juicy ripe fruits of the ficus tree

View of Limbang town, 26 Oct'16.

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