Friday, June 5, 2015

A plaintive Cuckoo in Bakun

A surprise  encounter dated 2 April'13 with the Plaintive Cuckoo

 It is not often that I go to Bakun.  This is because it would take a stressful 3 hours travel on road from Bintulu to reach the place known for its hydro-electric dam.  The road is tar-sealed but for many stretches the maintenance standard is poor to unsafe, thus the road conditions discourage many people in Bintulu to explore the area.  In one rare occasion I managed to visit the place when my son invited us to stay for a few days and nights at his accomodation provided by the company he was working with at Bakun dam.   On the 2nd of April,2013 while taking a morning walkabout I stumbled upon a Plaintive Cuckoo, a male of the species as shown in picture above.  
The Bakun dam, showing the rush of water into the air from the overflow channel.
2 April'13
Note: The dam reservoir of water which is about the size of Singapore is not seen in the picture.

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